The stickers we offer are two types:
  • Paper stickers. They are cheaper, but less durable at the same time. They can be one- , two- , and full-colored. It is your imagination that determines the format variety. Since it is hard to comply with all possible combinations of paper sorts and formats, we have come up with alternative offers that you can find in the attached Specifications PDF file, and the price list can be found in the Prices PDF file.
If none of the parameter variants is accorded with what you’re looking for, you can describe your preferences in the Request Microsoft Word file.
  • PVC stickers. They are sensibly more expensive and, of course, more durable. See the format and color instructions above.
Attention: Even if you have not come up with any ideas about the design of your stickers, we will do that for you absolutely for free. This is your chance to be spared from purchasing expensive and sophisticated graphic software!