Posters are usually preferred by booking agencies, as well as album promotions and merchandise in music shops and stores.
We offer the following formats: 3 (320/480 mm), 2 (470/680 mm), 1 (670/980 mm) on paper of 130 g/2. Posters can be either b/w or full-colored - it all depends on your preferences. If you would like more different parameters for your posters you can place your descriptions in our Request form.
For a thorough technical information check out the Specifications PDF file and our price list can be found in the Prices PDF file, respectively.
Even if posters have been ordered from one address, it is not a problem for us to send them to different destinations after that!
Attention: Even if you have not come up with any ideas about the design of your posters, we will do that for you absolutely for free!